Hitachi and Dukane UX38841 Air Filter

Hitachi and Dukane replacement air filter, product code UX38841.
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Proper maintenance of your projector is important to get the maximum performance from a projector lamp. With a new projector air filter you can be sure that your projector will supply the best possible cooling to the projector lamp. This Hitachi and Dukane UX38841 projector filter is compatible with the following models (list may not be complete, if your projector model is not listed please contact us first); Hitachi CP-EW301N, CP-EW302, CP-EW302N, CP-EX251N, CP-EX252, CP-EX252N, CP-EX301N, CP-EX302, CP-EX302N, CP-EX401, CP-EX402, CP-WX3030WN, CP-WX3041WN, CP-WX3042WN, CP-WX3530WN, CP-WX3541WN, CP-WX4041WN, CP-WX4042WN, CP-X2530WN, CP-X2541WN, CP-X2542WN, CP-X3030WN, CP-X3041WN, CP-X3042WN, CP-X3541WN, CP-X4030WN, CP-X4041WN, CP-X4042WN, Dukane ImagePro 8928A, ImagePro 8928B, ImagePro 8928C, ImagePro 8930A, ImagePro 8930B, ImagePro 8930C, ImagePro 8931WA, ImagePro 8931WB, ImagePro 8931WC, ImagePro 8933WB, ImagePro 8933WC, ImagePro 8934A, ImagePro 8934B, ImagePro 8938, ImagePro 8938W, ImagePro 8938WA, ImagePro 8939A, ImagePro 8939B, ImagePro 8940W, ImagePro 8940WA.
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No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Manufacturer Part Number(s)UX38841
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EAN Code0793574688346
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