Standard Universal Projector Remote Control

Easy to use universal remote control for projectors. Batteries (2x AAA) not included.
€34,94 €28,88

Easy to use universal projector remote control. By using the "SET" key you can select different brands of projectors. If you want to, for example, use this remote control for Sanyo projectors press and hold the "SET" key and then press and hold the "OFF" key. While holding down both buttons simultaneously the LED light on the remote will flash three times. After it has flashed three times release the buttons. The universal remote control has now been set for Sanyo. When the universal remote does not function with your projector after setting the brand you can easily try another option on the remote control by following the same procedure. See the list below for available projector brands;

SET + ONPlus, BenQ
SET + OFFVivitek, BenQ, Promethean, Sanyo
SET + VIDEOPanasonic, Fujitsu
SET + RGBEpson, Toshiba, Sharp, Eiki
SET + SOURCEMitsubishi, InFocus
SET + AV/MUTESanyo, Optoma
SET + KEYSTONE-Ricoh, BenQ, Acto, ASK, InFocus, Mitsubishi, Optoma
SET + ZOOM+Optoma, Mitsubishi, InFocus
SET + ZOOM-BenQ, Mitsubishi
SET + VOL+Sanyo, Eiki, Panasonic, ViewSonic
SET + VOL-H-Pec, Optoma, Acto
SET + MENUSamsung, Toshiba