Side Brush for Grixx VC-A320, Indream 9200, 9300 XR, Hoover RBC003 (and others)

Plus.Parts high quality replacement side brush for Grixx VC-A320, VROBO-320, Indream 9200, 9300 XR, Hoover RBC003 (and many others).
€18,95 €15,66

High quality replacement upgraded side brush made with highly abrasive polyamide bristles compatible with many different robotic vacuum cleaner models, including;

Aldi Aldibot, AmTidy A325, Cleanstar Robostar VROBO-320, Grixx Auto Vacuum, VC-A320, VROBO-320, H.Koenig SWR22, Hoover 39000845, 39000847, 39000911, 39001051, RBC003, RBC007B, RBC009, Robo.com2, Indream 9200, 9300 XR, 9700, Klarstein Cleantouch, Cleanrazor, Liectroux (Lilin) LL-A320, LL-A325, Pakwang SQ-A320, SQ-A325, Primo RVC2, RVC2A, XR210C, Stirling A320, Veluce Mio, XRobot XR-210, XR-210A, XR-210B, XR-210C.

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No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Manufacturer Part Number(s)VROBO-320-F
Warrantynot applicable
EAN Code0793574685956
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