Sanyo, Eiki, Canon and Boxlight CXZR / CXZS Projector Remote Control

Compatible remote control CXZR (645 099 3213) / CXZS (645 100 0606) for Sanyo and Eiki projectors (see detailed description for model list), measurements 52 x 111mm.
€30,95 €25,58
This compatible remote control works with the following Boxlight, Canon, Eiki and Sanyo projectors (list may not be complete, if your projector model is not listed please contact us first); Boxlight XP-8t, XP-8ta, Canon LV-7290, LV-7295, LV-7390, LV-7490, LV-8225, LV-S1, LV-S2, LV-X1, LV-X2, Eiki LC-XB250, LC-XB250A, LC-XB250W, LC-XB43, LC-XB43N, LC-XBL20, LC-XBL21, LC-XBL21W, LC-XBL25, LC-XBL26, LC-XBL26W, LC-XBL30, LC-XBM21, LC-XBM21W, LC-XBM26, LC-XBM26W, LC-XBM31, LC-XBM31W, LC-XM2, LC-XM4, LC-XS31, Sanyo PLC-SW20, PLC-SW20A, PLC-SW20AR, PLC-WK2500, PLC-XC56, PLC-XD2200, PLC-XD2600, PLC-XE33, PLC-XE34, PLC-XK2200, PLC-XK2600, PLC-XK3010, PLC-XL20, PLC-XR201, PLC-XR251, PLC-XR301, PLC-XU100, PLC-XU105, PLC-XU106, PLC-XU106K, PLC-XU300, PLC-XU3001, PLC-XU300A, PLC-XU300K, PLC-XU301, PLC-XU301A, PLC-XU301K, PLC-XU350, PLC-XU350A, PLC-XU350K, PLC-XU4000, PLC-XU41, PLC-XU47, PLC-XW20, PLC-XW200, PLC-XW200K, PLC-XW20A, PLC-XW20AR, PLC-XW20B, PLC-XW250, PLC-XW250K, PLC-XW300, PLC-XW65, PLC-XW65K. This projector remote control replaces Sanyo / Eiki / Canon part number(s) CXZR / 645-099-3213, CXZS / 645-100-0606, CXJH / POA-RCKIT01, MXAT / 645-101-0766, LV-RC01 / 7549A001AA and LV-RC03 / 5330B001AA / MXCP. Batteries (2x AAA) not included.
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number(s)CXJH / POA-RCKIT01, CXZS / 645-100-0606, CXZR / 645-099-3213, LV-RC01 / 7549A001AA, LV-RC03 / 5330B001AA
Battery Type2x AAA
No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Warranty3 months
EAN Code0793574683600