Replacement Rubber Blades and Squeegee Pack for Neato XV Blade Brush

Plus.Parts replacement rubber blades for the Neato XV series blade brush, including replacement squeegee.
€12,95 €10,70

When the rubber blades of the main blade brush of your Neato XV robotic vacuum cleaner have worn out you can of course replace the entire brush (Neato part number 945-0002) but you can also replace just the rubber blades with this replacement set! Remove the blade brush from your Neato XV vacuum cleaner and remove one of the orange end-caps by simply pulling on it. You can now replace the rubber blades and continue to use your blade brush. This set is delivered including a replacement squeegee which is located on the brush guard. Note; this replacement set is only compatible with the Neato XV series Blade Brush and not with the combo brush

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No. of Pcs. in Packaging7
Manufacturer Part Number(s)945-0002
Warrantynot applicable
EAN Code0793574684027
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