Original Neato Boundary Marker for Botvac, Botvac D, Botvac Connected and XV Series (4.0m)

Original Neato magnetic boundary marker for Neato Botvac, Botvac D, Botvac Connected and XV Series (4.0 meters).
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These magnetic boundary markers let you decide where your Neato Botvac/XV robot vacuum cleaner can go and where it should keep out. Easily cut the magnetic strip to fit doorways, around pet bowls, cords, or anywhere you don’t want Neato to go. Contains 4.0 meters (13 feet) of boundary markers. Compatible with the Neato Botvac, Botvac D, Botvac Connected and XV series robot vacuum cleaners. This is an original Neato product, article code 945-0009.

What are boundary markers and how do I use them?

If you want to make a room or an area off-limits to the Neato robot, you can close the door – or use the boundary markers strips that came in your Neato’s package. Before vacuuming, lay the boundary strips (flat side down) on the floor to block off the space: the robot recognizes the strips and avoids the area. Some customers use a removable tape such as gaffer tape or painters’ tape to keep boundary markers flat on the floor.

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Manufacturer Part Number(s)945-0009, KS BOUNDARY MARKER (945-0009)
No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Warranty3 months
EAN Code0793574686069