Nec RMT-PJ31/RD-448E projector remote control

Original remote control RMT-PJ31 / RD-448E for Nec and Ricoh projectors (see detailed description for model list), measurements 50 x 180mm.
€57,95 €47,89
This original remote control works with the following Nec and Ricoh projectors (list may not be complete, if your projector model is not listed please contact us first); Nec M230X, M260W, M260WG, M260WS, M260X, M260XS, M271W, M271X, M300W, M300WG, M300WS, M300X, M300XS, M311W, M311X, M350X, M350XS, M361X, M420X, M420XV, NP-M230X, NP-M260W, NP-M260WG, NP-M260WS, NP-M260X, NP-M260XS, NP-M271W, NP-M271X, NP-M300W, NP-M300WG, NP-M300WS, NP-M300X, NP-M300XS, NP-M311W, NP-M311X, NP-M350X, NP-M350XS, NP-M361X, NP-M420X, NP-M420XV, NP-P350W, NP-P350X, NP-P401W, NP-P420X, NP-P451W, NP-P451X, NP-P501X, NP-UM280W, NP-UM280WG, NP-UM280Wi, NP-UM280X, NP-UM280XG, NP-UM280Xi, NP-UM330W, NP-UM330Wi2-WK, NP-UM330Wi-WK, NP-UM330Wi-WK1, NP-UM330W-WK, NP-UM330W-WK1, NP-UM330X, NP-UM330Xi2-WK, NP-UM330Xi-WK, NP-UM330Xi-WK1, NP-UM330X-WK, NP-UM330X-WK1, NP-V230, NP-V230X, NP-V230XG, NP-V260, NP-V260G, NP-V260W, NP-V260X, NP-V281W, NP-V300W, NP-V300WG, NP-V300X, NP-V311W, NP-V311X, NP-VE280, NP-VE280X, NP-VE281, NP-VE281X, NP-VE282, NP-VE282X, NP-VE303, NP-VE303X, P350W, P350X, P401W, P420X, P451W, P451X, P501X, UM280W, UM280WG, UM280Wi, UM280X, UM280XG, UM280Xi, UM330W, UM330Wi2-WK, UM330Wi-WK, UM330Wi-WK1, UM330W-WK, UM330W-WK1, UM330X, UM330Xi2-WK, UM330Xi-WK, UM330Xi-WK1, UM330X-WK, UM330X-WK1, V230, V230X, V230XG, V260, V260G, V260W, V260X, V281W, V300W, V300WG, V300X, V311W, V311X, VE280, VE280X, VE281, VE281X, VE282, VE282X, VE303, VE303X, Ricoh PJ WX5350N, PJ X5360N. This projector remote control replaces Nec part number(s) RMT-PJ31, RD-448E, 7N900921, 7N900922, 7N900924, 7N900926, 7N900927, RD-443E, 7N900881. Batteries not included.