Nec and Dukane RMT-PJ39 / RD-477E Original Projector Remote Control

Original Nec and Dukane RMT-PJ39 / RD-477E projector remote control (see detailed description for model list), measurements 50 x 180mm.
€42,96 €35,50
This original remote control works with the following Nec and Dukane projectors (model list may not be complete, if your projector model is not listed please contact us first); Nec MC302X, MC302XG, MC332W, MC332WG, MC342X, MC342XG, MC372X, MC372XG, MC382W, MC382WG, MC422X, MC422XG, ME342U, ME342UG, ME372W, ME372WG, ME382U, ME382UG, ME402X, ME402XG, NP-MC302X, NP-MC302XG, NP-MC332W, NP-MC332WG, NP-MC342X, NP-MC342XG, NP-MC372X, NP-MC372XG, NP-MC382W, NP-MC382WG, NP-MC422X, NP-MC422XG, NP-ME342U, NP-ME342UG, NP-ME372W, NP-ME372WG, NP-ME382U, NP-ME382UG, NP-ME402X, NP-ME402XG, NP-P525UL, NP-P525WL, NP-P605UL, NP-PE455UL, NP-PE455WL, NP-PE505XL, P525UL, P525WL, P605UL, PE455UL, PE455WL, PE505XL, Dukane ImagePro 6537WC, ImagePro 6538WUC, ImagePro 6540C, ImagePro 6645UL, ImagePro 6645WL, ImagePro 6652WSSB, ImagePro 6652WUSSB, ImagePro 6660WUSSB This original Nec remote control has the following part numbers; RMT-PJ39, RD-477E, 7N901171 and 7N901261. Batteries (2x AAA) not included.
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number(s)RMT-PJ39 / RD-477E / 7N901171 / 7N901261
Battery Type2x AAA
No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Warranty3 months
EAN Code0793574689077