Nec and Dukane RMT-PJ37 / RD-466E Original Projector Remote Control

Original Nec and Dukane RMT-PJ37 / RD-466E projector remote control (see detailed description for model list), measurements 53 x 200mm.
€66,95 €55,33
This original remote control works with the following Nec and Dukane projectors (model list may not be complete, if your projector model is not listed please contact us first); Nec NP-PA521U, NP-PA522U, NP-PA571W, NP-PA572W, NP-PA621U, NP-PA621X, NP-PA622U, NP-PA622X, NP-PA653U, NP-PA653UL, NP-PA671W, NP-PA672W, NP-PA703W, NP-PA721X, NP-PA722X, NP-PA723U, NP-PA803U, NP-PA803UL, NP-PA853W, NP-PA853WG, NP-PA903X, NP-PX602UL, PA521U, PA522U, PA571W, PA572W, PA621U, PA621X, PA622U, PA622X, PA653U, PA653UL, PA671W, PA672W, PA703W, PA721X, PA722X, PA723U, PA803U, PA803UL, PA853W, PA853WG, PA903X, PX602UL, Dukane ImagePro 6752WU, ImagePro 6752WUA, ImagePro 6757W, ImagePro 6757WA, ImagePro 6762, ImagePro 6762A, ImagePro 6762WU, ImagePro 6762WUA, ImagePro 6765WU, ImagePro 6765WUSS, ImagePro 6767W, ImagePro 6767WA, ImagePro 6772, ImagePro 6772A, ImagePro 6780WU, ImagePro 6780WUSS, ImagePro 6785W, ImagePro 6790. This original Nec and Dukane remote control has the following part numbers; RMT-PJ37, RD-466E and 7N901081. Batteries (2x AA) not included.
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number(s)RMT-PJ37 / RD-466E / 7N901081
Battery Type2x AA
No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Measurements53 x 198 mm
Warranty3 months
EAN Code0793574686427