Navibot Series Li-ion 6000mAh/14.4V Plus.Parts Battery for Samsung

Plus.Parts replacement Li-ion battery, 6000mAh (ultra high capacity) for the Samsung Navibot series and the Powerbot VR5000. Direct replacement for Samsung battery number(s); DJ96-00113C, DJ96-00136B, RBT-20 and VCA-RBT20.
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A high quality replacement lithium-ion battery for the Samsung Navibot series and the Powerbot VR5000 robot vacuum cleaners. This 14.4V lithium-ion battery has an ultra-high capacity of 6000mAh (86.40Wh). Lithium-ion batteries have a much longer lifetime (two to four times longer) than standard Ni-MH batteries and after roughly 800 cycles they still have 80% capacity left! Other advantages of lithium-ion batteries; much higher energy density than standard Ni-MH batteries (lithium-ion batteries simply run longer), no need for prolonged priming when new (one regular charge is all that's needed), very low to no self-discharge and no memory effect. With this replacement battery your robot vacuum cleaner will be ready for several hundreds of cleaning cycles and it will run hours and hours on a single charge!

More Information
No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Battery Voltage14.4V
Battery Capacity6000mAh
Battery Cell TypeLi-ion
Manufacturer Part Number(s)DJ96-00113C / DJ96-00136B / RBT-20 / VCA-RBT20
Warranty12 months
EAN Code0793574685345
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