Main Bristle Brush for Grixx VC-A320, Indream 9200, 9300 XR, Hoover RBC003 (and others)

Plus.Parts replacement main bristle brush for Grixx VC-A320, VROBO-320, Indream 9200, 9300 XR, Hoover RBC003, Mamibot PreVac 650 (and many others).
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Maintain cleaning performance and reduce battery drain by regularly replacing your robot vacuum cleaner's brushes. This is the main bristle brush with end caps and bearings compatible with many different vacuum cleaner models, including;

Aldi Aldibot, AmTidy A325, Cleanstar Robostar VROBO-320, Grixx Auto Vacuum, VC-A320, VROBO-320, H.Koenig SWR22, Hoover 39000845, 39000847, 39000911, 39001051, RBC003, RBC007B, RBC009, Robo.com2, Indream 9200, 9300 XR, 9700, Klarstein Cleantouch, Cleanrazor, Liectroux (Lilin) LL-A320, LL-A325, Pakwang SQ-A320, SQ-A325, Primo RVC2, RVC2A, XR210C, Stirling A320, Veluce Mio, XRobot XR-210, XR-210A, XR-210B, XR-210C.

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No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Manufacturer Part Number(s)VROBO-320-N
Warrantynot applicable
EAN Code0793574685949
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