Hitachi NJ08292 Filter

Replacement Hitachi / Dukane / 3M / Liesegang original air filter, product code(s) NJ08292 / 78-8118-9177-5 / EK0205011140.
€22,95 €18,97
Proper maintenance of your projector is important to get the maximum performance from a projector lamp. With a new projector air filter you can be sure that your projector will supply the best possible cooling to the projector lamp. This Hitachi NJ08292 / 3M 78-8118-9177-5 projector filter is compatible with the following models: Hitachi CP-HS800, CP-HS900, CP-S210, CP-S210F, CP-S210T, CP-S210W, CP-S235, CP-S235W, CP-X210, PJ-LC5, PJ-LC5W, 3M H10, S10, S20, Liesegang SOLID CINEMA, SOLID S, SOLID ULTRA, Dukane ImagePro 8044, ImagePro 8055, ViewSonic PJ510, Boxlight SP-11i.
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