Dyson DP04, HP04 and TP04 Plus.Parts HEPA and Active Carbon Air Purifier Filter Set

Plus.Parts HEPA and active carbon air purifier filter set for use with the Dyson DP04, HP04 and TP04 air purifiers. Replacement for Dyson part numbers 969048-01, 969048-02, 969048-03 and 969048-04.
€73,96 €61,12

High quality HEPA and active carbon filter set for the Dyson air purifiers (2018 models) Dyson Pure Cool DP04, Pure Cool TP04 and Pure Hot+Cool HP04. Automatically removes gases and 99.95% of pollutants and allergens from the air. Your Dyson purifier is programmed to remind you to replace the filter unit after 12 months based on 12 hours usage a day (please note your indicator will activate sooner with more use). Replaces Dyson part numbers: 969048-01, 969048-02, 969048-03 and 969048-04.

Note that this filter set also replaces Dyson's part numbers for the inner carbon filter; 968708-01, 968708-02, 968708-03, 968708-04, 968708-05, 968708-07, 968708-08 and 968708-09 and the outer glass-fiber HEPA filter; 968707-02, 968707-03, 968707-04, 968707-05, 968707-07, 968707-08 and 968707-09.

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No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Product Typecompatible
Manufacturer Part Number(s)969048-01 / 969048-02 / 969048-03 / 969048-04
Warranty3 months
EAN Code0793574689107